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Most Security Product Buyers Aren’t Getting Promised Results: RSA Panel

While Sandfly Security offers an innovative and complimentary approach for Linux system security, don't take our word on it. Here are a couple quotes from our customers about the effectiveness of the Sandfly product:

  • “Sandfly is the first product I’ve seen that accurately and quickly detects thousands of signs of compromise on the Linux platform. Its unique method automates tasks which would be manually impossible. Automation is key with detection, and Sandfly completely fits this and other requirements. If your organization is using Linux, this should be part of your cybersecurity toolset.”
  • "Sandfly addresses a serious security gap in the industry: Intrusion detection on Linux platforms. The best part of Sandfly is its agentless nature, making it a versatile application for any Linux environment.”

As for Black box solutions, below is what Sandfly Security's CEO previously said on the topic:

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 RSA Panel's revelation underscores a concerning reality: many security product buyers are not realizing promised outcomes. It highlights the critical need for transparency, efficacy validation, and informed decision-making in the cybersecurity landscape.

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